Choosing the Perfect Vacation Destination

Tips and advice to help you pick the perfect spot for that all-important annual recharge because we all know what a daunting task choosing the perfect destination to spend your holiday (and your hard-earned savings) can be... You leave the airplane, head to baggage collection, go through customs, grab a cab, check into your hotel,… Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Vacation Destination


Most Beautiful Sunrises

I’m not an early riser. In fact, I only manage to get up early when I know that something very special awaits. From time to time, though, I make the effort of getting up before the sun and I’ve never regretted it... Here are six of my favorite places to watch the sun rise from.… Continue reading Most Beautiful Sunrises


Why I loved watching the #RoyalWedding

On Saturday my life basically stood still for several hours. I made myself comfortable in front of the television (wearing my active wear, of course) to watch Prince Harry and Hollywood sweetheart Meghan Markle tie the knot. I didn’t move until much, much later. See, I was determined to not get caught up in the… Continue reading Why I loved watching the #RoyalWedding