Most Beautiful Sunrises

I’m not an early riser. In fact, I only manage to get up early when I know that something very special awaits. From time to time, though, I make the effort of getting up before the sun and I’ve never regretted it… Here are six of my favorite places to watch the sun rise from.

St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia

January 2016

Getting onto a Zodiac in the Antarctic cold has never been this rewarding… standing on a beach surrounded by a colony of king penguins and an elephant seal colony, welcoming in a new day made was one of the best moments of my life.

Lisbon, Portugal

April 2016

Every now and again, I get up for a sunrise run. This morning in Lisbon, Portugal was the first time that I ran into the sunrise. What a special morning it was – I felt enveloped by calm and peace, admiring the beautiful city as I ran past the waterfront.

Barcelona, Spain

August 2016

Again, there is no wakeup call like an early morning run. This was my third time in Barcelona, but my run took me to the beach – a location I never visited before. I also got lost. I was forced to stand still and take in the beauty of this sunrise by the Barcelona waterside.

Mauna Kea, Hilo, Hawaii

June 2017

Now this picture tells a special story…
A few weeks before reaching Hawaii, my colleagues and I read about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets seen from the Mauna Kea observatories. So we rented a car, took the final tender boat from our ship for the day (2am), and drove up the volcano to witness this beautiful sunrise. We popped a bottle of bubbly, jumped and ran around, and together saw the sun climb over the horizon of clouds to start a new day.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

September 2017

This entire day was planned around our desire to see the sunrise in Grand Canyon. We left our hotel in Williams before 5am and arrived at Grand Canyon just in time. At first, I was disappointed to see how many other people there were (isn’t the special part of seeing a sun rise the fact that you’re alone), but before long the beauty of the growing ball of fire on the horizon bonded the group of people standing directly around me. We took pictures for each other, chatted, and gave each other recommendations to make the most of our trips.

Robertson, South Africa

April 2018

There is no place like home. And my hometown of Robertson, Western Cape has some of the most beautiful sunrises (and sunsets) I’ve ever seen. When I first moved here, I would wake up at the break of dawn, make a cup of tea, and sit on the porch, watching the new day break. Nowadays the window in my room offers the perfect sunrise view. I love starting my day by watching the canvas of pink, orange, and red shades, thinking of the hopes I have for the new day.

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