Skincare Tips That Changed My Life

You can cover nearly anything on your skin with some good makeup. But isn’t it more important to make sure the canvas on which you apply the makeup is healthy?

While balancing adult acne with the occasional week of radiant skin over the course of years, I was lucky enough to pick up some great skincare advice. From tips that my beauty editor-boss gave me to recommendations from my beautician, these tips have changed my skin from occasionally radiant to always smooth.


1.  Start your day with a morning rinse

I first heard this tip from a radio presenter when I was in high school… and I was shocked! This woman announced (on national radio, I might add) that she doesn’t use soap to cleanse her face in the morning – she merely rinses.

Years later, a beautician said the same thing! She explained that there is no use washing off all the beneficial oils and ingredients of your night cream when you were only sleeping – it’s not like you have dirt and makeup clogging your pours when you get out of bed, so just rinse the sleep off your face. Now I save money on my cleanser and I reap more benefits from my expensive night cream (even if it’s only mentally).

2.  Less is more

There is nothing quite like products that smell nice and make our skin feel rich and hydrated! Yet, sometimes, these products contain so many perfumes and oils that they are way too rich to use on your face, often causing breakouts. No adult woman wants to walk around with a breakout!

So choose products that are “clean” – containing less perfumes and oils. Ask your aesthetician what products she uses and you might discover that you can get beautiful skin by using products that are less rich.

Since doing so, I’ve reached the point where I don’t feel like I need to cover my skin with foundation every day. It’s actually smooth and radiant enough to wear no foundation most of the time!

3.  What works for your friends won’t necessarily work for you

For years my friends and family were raving about a certain skincare brand. I got a bunch of samples and tested it for a month. Oh, the horror. My adult acne returned almost immediately.

These days, I’m very in love with the skincare range that I use. Yet, when I recommended it to friends, they were unhappy with the results.

The moral of the story?

No two people have exactly the same skin and the external factors on our skin will never be exactly the same either. Why do we then expect the same results with the same products? Fact is, what works for your friends, won’t necessarily have the same positive result on your skin.


4.  Protect your skin

I use a moisturising sunscreen as my day cream. I’ve been doing so since my dermatologist recommended it in my early twenties.

The reality is that the sun causes much more damage than we thought possible. Wrinkles, lines, skin imperfections, and in a lot of very sad cases cancer. Nearly 90 % of nonmelonoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

So don’t think you’re being brave or cool or bad-ass. Protect your skin and put on some sunscreen.


5.  Exfoliate (this doesn’t necessarily mean a scrub)

All the creams, sunscreens, and makeup that we apply to our skin every day clog up our pores. This means more breakouts and more blackheads. Not ayoba! So make sure that you exfoliate at least once a week.

I prefer using liquid exfoliators. A liquid exfoliator perform the same role as a scrub, i.e. it removes the dead, most outer layer of your skin. The difference being that it does so chemically. Acidic ingredients like glycolic, alpha-hydroxy, lactic, and salicylic acids basically dissolve the dead skin. It leaves a bit of a burning sensation and really shouldn’t be used more than twice a week. I’d recommend starting out by using it only once a week until your skin has become used to the product.

If you don’t like the idea of using a scrub or a liquid exfoliator, the beauty industry has another option for you – facial cleansing brushes! These neat devices are equipped with soft rotating brushes (almost like a very big electric toothbrush) that remove the dirt and old skin cells while also cleaning your face.


6. Less coffee, more tea

Drinking coffee really won’t do your skin any favors. I limit myself to one cup a day (I’m too weak to cut it out completely). To me, that cup is most effective in the afternoon. This doesn’t mean that I can’t have a morning caffeine fix at all, though! I often replace my morning coffee with a cup of green tea; it contains enough caffeine to awaken me, plus it has plenty other health benefits. Drinking more water and less caffeine will also leave your skin more hydrated!

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